Timothy Hogan is an award winning commercial photographer. Since young, he loved deconstructing objects. This gave him an interesting ability to come up with elegant and creative solutions to the design problem.

He brings a lot of drama to his photographs. He brings this preciseness to all his images.


He uses a motion blur kind of effect on his work, emphasizing the lights and colors. He is able to control space distribution to all his pieces. Each piece has a drama to it and each piece is powerful.



His clientele is spread across the fashion, beauty and beverage industries.clients include luxury brands Budweiser, Tommy Hilfiger, Beats Audio, Chanel and Calvin Klein.

Personal Projects:

Both his personal Photography projects are sports related. They were ‘Sports Collector Prints’ and ‘The FIN Project’.

Vintage-Baseball-Gloves-Art-Print-By-Timothy-Hogan.jpegGlove Composition no.1

The FIN Project:                                                                                                                                  The FIN Project by Timothy Hogan Honors the  craftsmen and pioneers that transformed surfing. This projects honors the object that they created: the surf board.

c14e0932908c3447f008362a7ec0d414.jpg        Dave Sweet Longboard


Dave Sweet Longboard #2

973e5a3e90d73eafbfbca48570ebcca8.jpg      1970s Yellow, Maroon, and Red Single Fin with Leash Rope –

The objective of the project is for the audience to view the fin as an object and see it from unique angles and in new light, and also for people to remember the stories behind the fin and the innovators who made the present level of performance surfing possible.


bc79aa0bb14c9b4175a9cd0933a55d06.jpg               Wooden Surfboard Fins, Composition #1


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