Ken Duncan is a master landscape photographer from Australia. He is from  New South Wales, Australia.

He is known for his panoramic style in capturing Australian landscape. He has also published landscape photo books on America’s landscape. He has received the Medal of the Order of Australia award. He believes that he is merely an interpreter of God’s Creation.

His works are mostly natural landscape photography. He features space masterfully in his image. One can feel the wide open spaces in each panoramic picture.

Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_890336.jpg Peaceful Waters

nx4527.jpg Against All Odds, Silverton


He also features scale in his images. We truly get a sense of the deep gorge in ‘Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River, Arizona, USA’ and the small size of the boats in comparison to the expansive shallows in ‘Opal Waters, Hill Inlet, White haven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Queensland. ‘ .p-256255-MLKD023-Horseshoe-Bend-Colorado-River-Arizona-USA-Ken-Duncan.jpgHorseshoe Bend, Colorado River, Arizona, USA

e42ab53e70412c6b3380b2db0fd5b976.jpg                                                                                 ‘Opal Waters, Hill Inlet, White haven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Queensland. ‘

I really like the angle for the photograph. Gives it a uniqueness with the scale of the subject matter.


His work masterfully captures natural light. The beautiful sunset skies and the soft shadows relax the viewer. We are filled with a positivity and sense of wonder for the natural world after seeing his photographs.


vx2431_2.jpgAlpine Hut , Victoria; I love the warm light on the tree trunks.

vx1913.jpg Under Southern Skies, Victoria

sax384.jpg Golden Light, Flinders Ranges SA


169160-ken-duncan.jpg Island Paradise

The footsteps on the sand add another dimension to the work. This teaches me hoe little details in subject matter makes all the difference.


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