Gregory Crewdson was one of my first artistic inspirations. His photographs can be described using only one word: Extraordinary.


His photography process blew me away as much as his photos. Every single piece is meticulously constructed to the last detail of the folds of the curtains.

His theme is fantasy. Capturing the mystery of suburban American life. Believing in the magic of the quintessentially ordinary. His photos are usually taken at dawn or dusk and the tones are subtle with a play on warm and cool, depending on the objective of the piece.


His photography team is like a small production company, so much work, conceptualization to capture just one moment, yet that is the beauty of his work. Piercing silence, dynamic movement and underlying rhythm and soft hidden anticipation.

His works are staged, dramatic, theatrical and yet visually pleasing and believable.

Twilight Series

All the images propose twilight as poetic. The time of twilight is a moment of solitude, peace and even fantasy. Everything stops in that transit moment.





This series is described as “more intimate, more organic, smaller scale,”. Sanctuary  explores Rome’s legendary Cinecittà film studio, the site where the Ben-Hur chariot race took place. Crewdson decided that this series would be; i his words, “Black and white, small format, emptied-out sets. I wanted to make a connection back to the tradition of landscape photography, to try to drain the pictures of any drama, in a sense.”