Is a freelance photographer based in Singapore. He does commercial photography but also has his personal projects.His clients include Jetstar Magazine, Singapore Tourism board and Nation University of Singapore.

He specially enjoys doing portrait photography and street photography.


His pictures have transformed regular Singapore scenes to something extraordinary. His photographs have more than aesthetic and technical prowess to them; they have amazing stories and concepts behind them.

I feel that exploring more to his personal works would teach me more about photography in concept aswell; because his intentio behind each shot is pure and passionate!

Portrait of Strangers



Here he photographed induviduals who caught his eye from among the crowd; the idea was beautiful strangers, so all he asked the subjects was whether he could take the photograph. He didn’t even ask them for their names.

He used a shallow depth of field and focussed on the faces ofthese induviduals; capturing ecery candid detail ogf their face.

Artist Studios



This is my favorite series of his. It captures the Singaporean creative in his/her natural habitat. The pictures are candid and have a warm, quirky feel to them.

Bad weather Photos



This series of photographs are a beautiful play of tones, exposure and depth of feel. The pictures. Are dynamic , capturing the motion of the subject. The series turns a bad rainy day into photography magic.

Danny Santos enjoys street photography and capturing people at their most natural and candid. His pictures have theme’s that connect with me emotionally.