Benjamin Von Wong describes himself as more than a photographer, he calls himself a creative. Looking through his unbelievable portfolio, I woud go further and call him a creative genius.

His works have the theme of larger than-life in all of them. Like the great Gregory Crewdson, he conceptualises each shot and creates the moment he wants to capture. His works all have a theme of warping reality with imagination and creating this dimensionin his works.

He makes the impossible possible. He takes photoshoots underwater with sharks and chases storms just to realise that idea. And he actually manages to pull that off; creating something never-seen before. Creating the fantastic.

Most of his works have a human subject. His projects are more on conservation. He does charity proects along with his commercial ones.

His pictures are usually underexposed to bring out colour, tone and depth.

All his outcomes have been breathtaking. He truly takes photography to the next level, both in terms of concept, and process.